Profil von Akshat!

united travellers
  • Name: Akshat
  • Geschlecht: male
  • Alter: 26
  • Reiseart: explorer
  • Single: yes
  • Kinder: no
  • Rauchen: no
  • Trinken: occasionally
  • Grösse: 168
  • Gewicht: 68
  • Körperbau: average
  • Haare: black
  • Augen: brown
  • Ausbildung: college
  • Beruf: student
  • Religion: hindu

Über mich

I'm a student traveler.

I am a Patient person, have an Improvising nature.I can be Blunt and am extremely straightforward, to the point that people may construe as rude. I dont judge anyone else, I have no right to.I am Genuine and expect the same from others. Easily adapt to new place, and conditions. I used to be a voracious reader, but now not so much, mostly because of the lack of time.

Was ich suche

I can teach you hindi, a little punjabi. Maybe a little Marathi too. Im from a boarding school, so i have about a 100 different ways to make maggi up my sleeve. I wouldnt say i am an expert at english, but i converse rather well in it. Ill learn, or atleast try to, anything that you teach me. I share everything through conversation. If im staying with you, everything i have is yours to use, id just ask one to use it properly. I enjoy meeting everyone except the kinds who arent true to themselves and others. Im soft spoken, so a loud person is huge attraction for me. I need to be able to have a conversation with the people I need. Not too intellectual, but something to get to know each other.

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