Profil von Emma!

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  • Name: Emma
  • Geschlecht: female
  • Alter: 27
  • Reiseart: explorer
  • Single: complicated
  • Kinder: no
  • Rauchen: no
  • Trinken:
  • Grösse: 168
  • Gewicht: 0
  • Körperbau:
  • Haare: brown
  • Augen: grey
  • Ausbildung: still_studying
  • Beruf: student
  • Religion: atheism

Über mich

About me I am in my last year studying German with Linguistics at Nottingham trent and at the moment. I want to be a musician in the ARMY among other things. I play flute and piccolo. Also Saxophone. I have been having a difficult time at the moment with depression and social anxiety which gets me down but I have my ambitions to keep me positive. My interests include Norway, Scandinavia, Huskies, the Northern Lights, Disney, Film Music, Fantasy/science Fiction such as His Dark Materials e.t.c. My ambitions also include travelling extensively to Scandinavia, seeing the Northern Lights, going on a husky ride and staying in an ice hotel, buying a lodge in Norway,having two children, living to as old an age as possible, going to the North Pole, becoming more confident, getting a husky or Samoyed and perhaps becoming a life Coach. I am a very complex person. I am very deep, sensitive, emotional, ambitious, determined, genuine and sincere.I know what I want in life. I live by the motto ‘Never let the fear of striking out, Keep you from playing the game!’ If you wanna know more about me just ask… My ancestry is of English, German, Scottish. (I have been to 21 countries including the uk and 5 continents)

Was ich suche

A Male or female companion between 18 and 28 to join me on asia trip between may and september 2014.

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