Profil von Joachim!

united travellers
  • Name: Joachim
  • Geschlecht: male
  • Alter: 30
  • Reiseart: adventurer
  • Single: yes
  • Kinder: no
  • Rauchen: no
  • Trinken: occasionally
  • Grösse: 180
  • Gewicht: 70
  • Körperbau: athletic
  • Haare: black
  • Augen: brown
  • Ausbildung: college
  • Beruf: construktion
  • Religion:

Über mich

Thailandtrip to Malaysia

Hey there! I'm a young spontanious guy who wants to travel from Bangkok to Singapore by road with stops in Pattaya, Ranong, Phuket, Krabi, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore! I'm quite comfortable with meeting new people from all over the world and if there is a place to met together, I'm already there to hang around ;)

Was ich suche

I'm looking for motivated followers on my 1.600 km route who are also interested in not travelling alone. If we're getting friends on that trip it's also a pleasure for me :) Men or women, it's not so important, the main point is that we can deal together in all situatuions on my/our trip! So ladies and gentlemen I'm ready to connect ;) greets Joachim

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