Profil von Karak!

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  • Name: Karak
  • Geschlecht: male
  • Alter: 37
  • Reiseart: hitchhiker
  • Single: yes
  • Kinder: no
  • Rauchen: yes
  • Trinken: no
  • Grösse: 181
  • Gewicht: 80
  • Körperbau: average
  • Haare: brown
  • Augen: green
  • Ausbildung: high_scool
  • Beruf:
  • Religion:

Über mich

Living in my backpack and love it!

Hitchhiker, nature lover and not get scaried in the hard situations. I have done with four years of traveling, mainly by hitchike and without money and plans, at wintertime also in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, France and Austria, but i have been more than 20 countries of Europe. During the travels i like sleep outside. Also like visit eco villages and hippie communities, events, sometimes music festivals. I'm not a customer of hotels and somehow never used coachsurfing also. I don't care the typical tourist life form with the many shopwindows... I'm interested in the people, their culture and life. The nature also. This point is extremly important for me. Minimum once a year i must go there and spend couple weeks. Longest time was in Portugal, nine weeks. Because i'm a poor person, always looking for the cheapest solution, that one teached me, what we need exactly for living. We don't need so much i think that. What else, i dont know, maybe it's enough for the begining. Oh yes: I'm vegetarian and believing in the human rights, green future.

Was ich suche

"Doesn't matter where we coming from and where we going to..." - From a rainbow song Have a nice trip together, that is important. Nowadays i have two opinions for wintertime: Plan A: This is the prefer one, go to India for couple months. Something is just hammering my head and says: You must go there! Well, let's do it... Plan B: If the plan A not works out somehow. Go to south, Iberia and Canarian. I know some places in iberia to have a nice time, many of my friends over there also. After that, go to the Islands, discover those.(landscape, culture, communities and stay there until spring.)

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