Profil von lars!

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  • Name: lars
  • Geschlecht: male
  • Alter: 77
  • Reiseart: hippie
  • Single: no
  • Kinder: yes
  • Rauchen: yes
  • Trinken: occasionally
  • Grösse: 0
  • Gewicht: 0
  • Körperbau:
  • Haare:
  • Augen:
  • Ausbildung: bachelors_degree
  • Beruf: art
  • Religion:

Über mich

Lars Nissen ConFester always ready to travel

Since giving up my career in computing I have become a passionate photographer and sculptor with a couple of exhibitions to my name. I enjoy traveling and stopping at interesting sites. I travel in my station Wagon in which I sleep if arriving late somewhere but prefer to pitch my tent and spend a evening by a campfire.

Was ich suche

anybody who can provide good company, is not in a hurry to get anywhere. I prefer to travel with young people who have a bit of spark! At the moment I would like to go to Byron and surrounding areas, it's getting mighty cold in Canberra this time of year. Say hi on FB and get a reference from my friends there.

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